June 4, 2009

so much entry!

Its over! We've received about a dozen submissions for Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound and all of them are excellent. In fact this is certainly the most explicit program of bike sexuality we have produced to date meaning that someone got the memo.

What's that? You planned to make a movie but didn't get it done in time?!? For shame.

Well it is always a good time to make bike porn. In fact some people email us to let us know that they created really amazing work that they will not be sharing just cause they made it for themselves. While on the outside we seethe with rage at the indignity of this kind of statement, inside we know that it is for the best. The culture of recognizing how sexy bikes and bikers are is upon us and it would not be advisable for us to share everything anyway. Some things remain hidden, if only barely.

Thanks to all the pervs who has submitted to our will. You will be dealt with soon enough.

er we forgot where we stole this image from so please accept our lamest preemptive apologies!

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