June 5, 2009

The internets are still full of sex

What terrible convenience! Someone hacked this bike rental display in Spain resulting in it playing pornography. A large crowd gathered and after a few hours the police (who were also standing and watching and not really sure what they should do) decided to cover up the screen with paper.

A Bike Porn Kiosk could be the best idea of the month. Dont let the Spanish keep it for themselves, demand more bike porn in your town halls today!

Concern over the relative size difference between rider and "bike" cause very few people to take notice.
let me put it into context somewhat. Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a 20” child’s bicycle. Not a pretty picture.
Pretty? What about hilarious? Maybe enviromentally devistating is a better way. to put it link to motocross
Also, next week Ron Jeremy will open a sex club downtown. Careful examiners of the byline will notice that the Portland Mercury's blog covered this story months ago, but all the big media (Fox, The Oregonian, BikeSmut) seem to be covering it now.

In case you dont know Ron Jeremy may be the most famous porn star of all time. You probably remember him from such roles as:

We hear that a bike ride might be heading that way on Friday June 19th. Check your local listings!

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