July 24, 2009

Verbal encouragement

One of our top priorities in the coming year is some sort of bikeporn encouragement meter broken down per location. Near the top are perennial debauchee encouragers New Orleans, New York, Toronto, and Atlanta as well as the little bike porn capitol of the rockies, Salt Lake. Plus who could ignore Asheville NC with its world record tall bike erection. All are looking to host bike porn and a pornometer would help us make our tough choices about where to go. But where as many a city promises booze, cookies, and spandex the town of Albuquerque might be in the lead after we received this lovely prose:

Wanna ride bikes?

The frame

Firm but compliant beneath me

Just the right size

Made to fit only me

The cadence

Steady and long

Tension and release

Until the motion is a smooth revolution of muscle

The chain

Linking the various pieces into a fluid continuum

The wheel


Hurtling me forward

To places I hadn’t dared to imagine

The spokes constant tease of

Tension and Release

The tires

The scalpel edge

Tearing me forward into new frontiers

My bike and me

Transporting each other passed the bounds of imagination

Until all muscles firing in this game of

Tension and release, tension and release

Pounding hard into unexplored worlds

Tension and release


Huzza bike porn citizens of "The Que!" They certainly did show us some bike love when we visited there in November of 2008.

Warm up those temptation engines! Tell us when where and why bike porn should be played!

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photo credit to o . . . phuck!™

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