September 17, 2009

Baack on davis radio

Again with the sweet radio broadcasts! Our crew of humpy-go-lucky pornographers are no stranger to radio, with interviews with the people behind Free Radio ChuShawn in Tucson, AZ and Davis, CA. We returned to the air on Davis radio this past week. And you can listen to it we think by clicking on this link:

Bike Porn has a curious history with Davis, as we were welcome with warm arms in an otherwise empty campus over winter break 2 years ago, then just last year we found out that the UBER bike friendly political climate had changed. Not only was the Bike Church kicked out on a specious argument of "safety" but our crew was encouraged to peddle the smut elsewhere!

This was after Davis was the first place in North America ranked as a Platinum city! Years before Portland even*! Whoa! Times do change and while there are lots of people still utilizing bikes as effective efficient transport the idea that a city might turn its back on the homegrown bike organizations as soon as the berg gets its award for being "bike friendly" is more than a little disquieting.

Could Portland (or any other number of currently rad bike places) be on a similar path to lameness? Lets hope not. As for the now defunct Davis Bike Church? They have a new location and name,


We look forward to checking them out when we make our triumpunt return to Davis in early February (we think) Mark something (but use pencil)!


*We are a little dubious of some of those statistics. 60% of Portland’s police force patrols via bicycle. - Really? Hrm...

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