September 16, 2009

reMembering durango

One of the joys of going on tour to all these fine "fucking bike friendly" places is the great events that we are able to take part in (or even better, become part of!)

Such was the case last year as part of the Westward Ho! tour in Durango, CO.

Here is a 1st hand account of the insanity that was, THE RALLY OF THE DEAD!

We wont be the 1st to call Durango bikers "special", and we surely won't be the last. So instead of showing bike porn 2, we showed the 1st years program. Viewers were coming out of their chairs with cheering or disgust! Never mind that that Sen. John McCain was in town that day to also catch the screening and let people know that he was still alive and had a seriously entertaining running mate.

Porn Quad photoshoot

Like the Dark Lord said, "Impressive. Most impressive." What is wrong with free beer and food and some classy fucking people? Nothing. Except sometimes it is hard to remember all the fun. The word epic gets thrown around a lot but in this case you can't really help but utilize it. For several days in a row the sauce flows, and the wheels roll and we have the times of our lives.

Thanks for the great games of bike polo, all of the stunning awards and prizes. And letting us share our "gifts" with the otherwise unsuspecting Durango audience at the future Discovery Museum... a place for learning.

Here's hoping they are having a blast at the SSWC going on this weekend September weekend in Durango AND that they have enough ogranizational energy to help put together a screening of Bike Porn 3 in early November.

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