October 20, 2009

coming soon to a tiny screen near you

Its a bit of a ongoing battle. We love our audience and we want to give them what they want but really when it comes to this blog, we don't share much. Our concern is that if we started releasing videos:
  • A) the unique theater going experience that has been our hallmark would be no more
  • B) exposing the performers to the often hilarious but more often annoyingly lame commentary of the internerds as a whole may leave the filmmakers, fluffers and future pornographers with a bad taste in their mouth.
  • C) its more work that we dont get paid for

All together that is enough reason to keep our content and our friends identities safe.

But then there is the insistent demand for a taste.
"What is bike porn?" they ask.
"Erotic short bicycle films made by various artists" we say
"But what is bike porn?" they ask again with massive, Disney-like, innocent eyes.
"Its sex and bikes in as many variations as you can probably imagine."
Then there is a long pause, a furrowed brow, and an attempt to create a new category in their mind where the synapse had previously not been connected.
"So like people riding bikes naked?"
"Or bikes having sex with bikes?"
"Why not"
"Or people having sex with bikes?"
"If they choose to do so, its really up to the individual."
"Oh... " Then there is some thoughtful nodding of their head and some acceptance of this new information just before the they turn us into the worlds most successful porno producing straight man.
"So what is bike porn?"

Don't get us wrong we love curious minds, but it is with a great deal of relief that we are sometimes able to point to examples rather than try to use descriptive words.

In the summer of 2007 we released The Pornography of the Bicycle
In 20008 we followed it up with, Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation
So finally we are proud to present to you the trailer for bike porn 3: Cycle bound


which will be available starting 10/22/09, this Thursday morning. Why are we making you wait? Because even though we are willing to play the foil doesn't mean we can't do it on our terms.

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