October 29, 2009

Denver is All Tied Up

Due to stupid-awesome demand we present
721 W Bayaud Ave
9pm AND 11 pm

Denver has immediately become close to the bike pornographers' hearts which are in our torsos, but not specifically where most people actually keep their hearts. Last year we had such a spanking good time mixing it up with the folks of Kink Tank, and showing 2 shows of Bike Porn at Orange Cat Studios (which has supposedly burned down? WTF!??), that we knew we would be back.

Upon arrival our hosts took us to the first in a series of Freeschool Denver screenings of Wes Anderson movies - Bottle Rocket, one of our favorites.

This morning after a solid 18" of snowfall we found out that not only is there a girls-only allycat this weekend, but that The Denver Mallet Mafia is hosting a polo tourny, bike soccer is going on as well, and adding to the mix the Bicycle Film Festival is in town. We knew it would happen sometime but feel vastly underprepared for it. What about the intrigue? What about the drama? What about the mysterious (possibly evil) twin brother of Brent Barbor's who nearly sketched us out in Tucson last year? Will these 2 behemoths of bike culture compete for an audience? Do the mainstream viewers of bike movies feel torn? Will there be a degree of pocket book voting as the underemployed bohemian decides his or her bicycle movie entertainment solely on cost of the show?

Friday night at 9pm the battle for bicycle-film-going audiences is on. BFF's "Fun Bike Shorts" vs BP3's "Long Hard Fun"

With all these events, how are you gonna keep your bike properly restrained? If you are feeling that your bike needs to be taught a lesson (or that your bike should have a chance to get you back for dragging it through a bunch of snow and muck?), we have got you covered. Master Robert and Owen will be demonstrating some rope bondage tricks! Its gonna be a hell of a show. Dress in bike fetish wear and share your best.

  • Friday October 30th
  • Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound
  • Denver Bound
  • 721 W Bayaud Ave
  • 9pm, 11pm
  • $5, 19+

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