January 24, 2010

they even let women ride bikes these days...

Its not our style to steal too heavily from other places (at least not places we think will ever find out about us) or to even link to info that is available on another (probably more popular) website or blog.

But this article about being a female organizer of bike culture in Bike City USA hits home on many of the same ideas that have become the trademark of our program, right down to the classic Susan B Anthony quote.

In fact our Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation had a video from one wonderfully free woman from "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire that used that exact quote. (In fairness we found that video while watching Filmed By Bike a couple years back... WHICH, btw, if you are a filmmaker who loves bikes and would like to be part of a homegrown festival for bike movies the deadline to submit to Filmed by Bike is Feb 15th! Don't dally! Although if you are reading this you probably only have one hand above the desk)

It is hard to underestimate the importance of having strong female leaders who feel comfortable and encouraged to do great things.

Extrapolated from gender this current situation seems so absurd it is laughable. Imagine learning that because your last name starts with a letter that is in the 2nd half of the alphabet your ideas were of less value... and also you get paid 1/3rd of those who names starts "A thu L".

If you are a dude you might be thinking, "Well I certainly don't keep any womens barefoot and pregnant in MY kitchen. So this don't apply to me."


Of course no one WANTS to feel bad, so naturally many males avoid the possibility of feeling guilty of complicit support of patriarchy, which is why so few men want to talk about because anything other than feminism (ie equality) is inherently unfair and unjustifiable, and who wants to defend a position that is so obviously wrong? Better to just prevent people from talking about it.

We should expect more of males. They are the ones who should be clamoring for equality.

Bike Porn volumes #1-3 have all benefited tremendously from having a high percentage of films made by women over the years. And it makes sense that women would feel a special kinship to bikes. Bikes made bloomers possible and eventually made is so women could wear pants, effectively liberating their fashion.

It is strange to think that a person wouldn't be able to wear whatever the fuck they want to. But that's what we're talking about, patriarchy fucks with everyone, eventually. Even if you are the "winner" in the game of hierarchy, you end up being a victim to the same system of repression.

In the same vein, when homosexuals are unable to marry or have access to equal protections under the law, so to are we all harmed. By limiting who "can be in a lasting relationship recognized by the state" limited by sexual preference, we are limiting the very meaning of love. Some people might be comfortable saying, well love is only this narrow idea that fits my current world view, but then you know those people have the worst dance parties ever.

Thanks to Elly Blue and all the strong women riding out there.

Image credit to yesteryearsnews.wordpress.com

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  1. Right on Rev!

    It's pathetic to see how little real support women's issues get from otherwise progressive men.

    Hint to all the boys out there: girls dig guys who support women's rights.


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