January 21, 2010

Helping the Bikesexual Industry PART TWO

We had been warned about it for weeks, but finally the fine bike folks of the town inside a town inside of Arizona have created yet another way to look at sexy bikers every month of 2010. Only this time instead of Japanese women you can have girls AND boys!

You see, it is calendar season for bikers. Unlike other more... stuffy forms of transportation, (have you seen a train calendar?) bikers are impatient when on their time and rather relaxed otherwise. So about a month into the new year seems the perfect time for some more georgian displays of hot biker action...

And so we present you with the Bike Saviours 2010 Calendar

Click on it to get the sweet resolution

Great to see our friends, the Bike Saviours (who did a great job hosting us last year) breaking the sexy biker barrier. For a while now, we at Bike Porn Industries have tried to balance the scales by increasing the amount of male exploitation out there, but of course, we can't do it alone.

We have been told that they have a pretty exciting party planned for us when we come though Tempe on March 3rd. With images like this running through our minds, go figure, we're excited.

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