November 24, 2010

Sexy Saviour Calendar

Black Friday is coming and while you can't buy a DVD of bike porn you CAN have a sexy biker calendar! The examples of strange yet enticing connection between woMan and machine(et) never seem to stop.

Presenting the Bike Saviours' "Not Safe for Work Trade" 2011 Calendar.

Apparently the calendar is a bit more racy than last year's, and inspired us to query deeper about what is going on behind the lens at Bike Saviours. To that end Heather Hoch of the Saviours, answered our questions which are left intended. Her answers are in bold.

So what is happening these days at your co-op bike shop in Tempe?
Bike Saviours is doing great! We had a really huge Tour de Fat last month which was great. Other than that, we still just teach people how to fix bikes! Ha.
Did you set out to make a more adult themed calendar? if not how did
it come to pass?
We actually were debating this year whether we wanted to make the calendar more or less sexy for 2011. We hadn't officially decided when it came time to shoot, so we kind of just let the models do whatever. The first people up were for March and they were a male and female couple, both only wearing underpants and doing some S&M stuff with wrenches and bike tubes. I guess it just snowballed from there.
Does the shop have a stance on sex, or porn? Where do these ethics stem from?
Personally, I've been in a Bike Porn film and so have some other members. But, I would say the shop has no specific stance on sex or pornography. We try to keep our views as a collective organization simple and focused on fixing bikes and teaching our neighbors. This is just a fun, optional thing we started doing last year to raise some fun(ds). I think a collective organization that empowers people with the knowledge to do things on their own attracts a lot of independent, free, and open people.
That is actually quite a stellar response. Sex exists and you liberated folks can use it as they want. So you say that new calendar is customized with information about your shop, bike holidays and events instead of boring old holidays like Columbus day. Can you give us an example of a bike holiday? (We know quite a few and yet were not consulted!?!?)
Most of the bike holidays we included are annual or monthly Tempe rides and such like "Bike to Work or School Day" in April or the Phoenix Critical Masses. We also have the Bike Summit in D.C. and some silly things like Be Bald and Free Day. All of the proceeds go directly to funding our shop, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit bicycle collective with a focus on educating people on bike maintenance and safety. Thanks for your support of our collective!"
Nice work Heather! Well we would have liked some more variety in background but we are confident we have been quoted as saying, "make bike porn where you can." Right in the middle of a bike shop seems a pretty damn good place.

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  1. Oh! Phil! It's Heather...
    The pictures on the promo I sent you are just the cover shots...
    There's way sexier stuff on the inside!!

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