November 11, 2010

Back on the Road

We are packed! Besides the pile of stickers, revealing clothing, condoms, and a special vibrating butt plug we call "my bike" we also have a fresh edit of Bike Porn 4:PLAY with some exciting new submissions! Specifically an Appalachian Bike Porn called, "I Came On My Bike." This movie comes at the topic from lots of great angles. Its got chain-smoking, dirty twanged-mouthed twinks and tweens, some Deliverance inspired mt men flogging, and and 2 topless poetic forest nymphs. It's a pretty awesome movie and is about to have its world premiere in SL, UT.

We think we will have a trailer for you in a week. But, due to the lethargic pace we are on, the other working title for"Tap the Rockies Tour" is, "Molassis-Drivetrain Oxycontin Sloth Doesn't Care Tour"

But we are remineded that you can still ask for bike loving via the fuck face book! Come on over and learn something about slathing greese on a squeeky wheel.

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