November 2, 2010

Boulder I hardly even knew her

News comes fast and furious in the world of rapidly made art and underground screenings.

Behold, the porn gods have smiled upon us as our expected dates for a screening in Boulder CO line up with their Santacon!

Yes, there was only one biker who was mostly trying to not be noticed by a drunken santa, but this year there could be 2 bikers, one of which is wearing a santa outfit the other still trying desperately not to be noticed.

We hope to be among those not arrested Friday, November 26th

Many events work with bikes and sexual expression. Be proud. wear a stupid outfit and say "Thank you for the freedom to enjoy irresponsibility, proper!"

If you live in Boise, Ogden, Ft. Collins or Boulder we need to hear from you! This is your only chance to have these totally unique films shared. Live it up!

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