February 17, 2011

For The Love Of-

If there's one nice and indisputable thing I CAN say about Los Angeles, its this:
The Aglago house frucking RULES.
A good friend of the Bike Smut family, Bike Talk, an online radio show that airs on Saturdays at kpfk.org announced a benefit they were hosting for Kill Radio and asked if anyone might like to join forces in an attempt to throw the event above that proverbial bar of "awesomeness". Seeing as how bike porn season was budding right around the corner, there weren't a whole lotta folks ready and willing to take a trek all the way down to Portland's love-hate relationship city, LA. Not a WHOLE lotta folks- just me, Chloe. I haven't been with the BS family long and I'm sad to say I don't have as much experience in the niche of BICYCLE porn(though I am avidly working on it) but as a semi-glossy opportunity flowered forth to venture down to a city I hadn't visited since I lived there when I was about 4 years old, hook up with the good guys at Bike Talk and spread some good ol' down and dirty bicycle erotica for the very first time by myself, I thought, 'Hey, its sunny in Los Angeles, right?'
Much to my utter delight a slightly intimidating situation turned out to be quite a grand adventure. Nick at Bike Talk hooked me up with a couch to crash on at the cycling-obsessed Aglago house where I got to meet some mighty gracious strangers, not to mention they've got some of the cuddliest house pets I've had the pleasure to snuggle up with in some time(and yes, I AM talking about 4 legged animals).
The event itself was heavily supported by pretty much anyone and everyone that had an obsession for bicycles in LA. We had a bike valet stretching about half the sidewalk, Josh Haglund & Donnie Pepper provided patrons with some award-winning(as in they actually were presented with an actual award towards the end of the night) grilled cheese sandwiches, or grilled hummus for the vegan-heathens.There was some brilliant and beautiful artwork donated for silent auction along with an onslaught of buttons, bottle openers, caps, lights and other trinkets contributed by Bici Chica, Orange 20 bikes & others to appease the bicycle-loving masses. And all of this was hosted by the miraculously modest, Vlad the Retailer- a very unique, one of a kind retail space that's half kitschy treasure trove half art gallery commune. If you get a chance to happen upon the Hel/Mel intersection of LA's bicycle fetish, please give Vlad & his gang a big fat high-five from me. With everyone's combined super-powers-of-radocity we successfully raised over $400 for Kill radio. The event also did a lot to bring about attention to the political side of Los Angeles' ever progressing fight to get a spot on the road (to hear more on that front you can listen to the following week's Bike Talk radio show here). I myself got to talk with Nick on Bike Talk the day of the event.
Oh and did I mention amidst delicious grilled cheese, DJ tunes, beer, bike art, bike porn clips & video footage of bits and pieces of LA's previous bike rides courtesy the oh so astounding Chicken Leather- the oh so lovely, Telematique, put on a performance most excellent!
(videographical evidence to support these facts to be added as soon as I can get my grubby paws on it)

It was especially endearing, the city of LA, to see all these sweethearts contributing to this one night just in the name of the ever-progressing battle cyclists fight to get a spot on the road and space in our culture. I admit to being humbled but especially impressed by the amount of support bicycles have in a city so well-known for being plagued by an over-populace of cars. By the end of the night and into the following day of my departure I couldn't thank folks enough for their support not just for the event but for their love of bikes. My favourite piece of bike porn and its devotion by Bike Smut is that bicycle love is growing- and it transcends mere flashes of sexualized pictures but rather tugs at that deeper, thinking, breathing, escalating eroticism that flowers from LOVE. Specifically, ours is a pedal pushing, cycle-circling, freedom fighting love.

For the love of bikes!

(photo cred: April Lemly)

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