February 8, 2011

post-Seattle recuperation

Thank you Seattle!

so many beautiful bikers and perverts presenting themselves in a cavalcade of horny that we are hardly able to contain ourselves

lets try to recap:

A show at a place once called the Wet Spot equipped with whips, chains, cages, a pretty complete dungeon and other fortifications, one of which we had performers on top of.

A stage shared with pop-up-out-of-a-cake dancers gyrating to Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone and a variety of indecent proposals, plus a trip to a massive, abandoned concrete factory with a view of our future home, a barge left for dead on the Duwamish.

A relaxed screening at a bike screening where one of the viewers was quoted as saying, "Im sorry I have to go home now, because I am really turned on"


Thanks for all your support Seattle!

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