February 9, 2011

Detroit sends a valentine

We feel the need to impress upon you.
Media Matters! Without a connection to an audience, even the most exciting media will languish and die. Art needs eyes and ears to see and hear it! Bike Porn has these same needs, plus nose and skin to really "experience" the show...

A certain Sandra Svoboda made a point to interrogate a couple bike studs about how big their tubes are, but that part of the interview about traveling with DIY erotic arts was not published, alas.

This year it's "4:Play," in honor of the tour's fourth rendition. Like the cycling community itself, with riders on everything from unicycles to tandems in solo outings and large group rides, the filmmakers embraced the theme on varying frame sizes and styles.

"Some people took the theme as, 'We won't have hardcore sex,' but then other people were like, 'Foreplay? That's how you get to having hardcore sex.' That's why it worked out so well...

Thanks for making us look good.

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