May 13, 2011

ankara bıke lovın

Bike Smut has reached the glans of our European genitalia exploration!
We are now at the farthest point of our tour, in the distant yet
somehow less-than-exotic land of Ankara, Turkey. A land of few bikes,
yet much hot queer sexing. So we work with what we've got.

We have two shows coming up in Ankara that we are super excited about.

First! An outdoor show at the Baraka at the center of the Orta Doğu
Teknik Üniversitesi (Middle East Technical University) campus on
Friday at 20:00. You usually need an ID card to get onto ODTÜ's
campus, but we understand that anyone with sufficient cleverness can
find their way through the university's defenses.

Second! A show at Kaos GL's offices in beautiful downtown Ankara at
18:00 on Sunday the 15th. Kaos GL is Ankara's premier queer political
organization, and they're about to get a heavy dose of bicycle
erections. Their office is at Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari, 29/12
Kizilay, Ankara, Turkey.


1 comment:

  1. BP in Ankara? That do I call a daring stunt, if the wrong people hear about it, they'll break you on the wheel. Amsterdam sounds like a beaten track for B & P, but it's always worth a visit:

    "I'm not naked, Officer, I just wear my panty on the saddle!". And next year you'll come to Southern Germany or else... I'll tell your mother!


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