May 24, 2011

Its a WORLD naked bike ride!!

This ride is going down like a 200mm crowned DH fork in the Utah back country!

IF you are reading this you are probably living on earth which means you are invited to ride your bike naked this June!

There are many ways to travel, but doing it on a bike in the buff with a dozen (or a thousand) or so of your best (new) friends is almost certainly the most memorable.

You could sit there and think, "Ho, no... those zany bikers... what will they do next?" Then you lazily move on to another Ted talk about saving the planet.

From our perspectives there are two possibilities:
  • 1) naked bike riding will change the nature of our behavior braking us from our spiral of resource consumption/species destruction making it possible for humans to coexist on Earth
  • 2) nothing will prevent our own eradication; do the most enjoyable thing ever while you can... RIDE A BIKE NAKED!

Of course you can ride naked on Saturday, the 11th of June in our esteemed (and well documented) naked cycling cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and London (Portland will have their ride a week later on Saturday the 18th of June cause they gotta be different) but there are many more cities in the world where you can enjoy this liberation.

And really, the only thing you ever need to go on a Naked Bike Ride is a bike. One might say it is easier to go on a naked bike ride than any other, cause when you wake up in the morning all you have to do is not put on any clothes and go for a ride. Riding naked is more fun with a friend, but naked people make friends pretty easy! Just be proud and let people know bodies are beautiful, bikes are efficient, and joy is contagious.

Of course you can get all political and tell the random prude that a cyclist's right to be seen in traffic is more important than their perception of others offense. No one will actually say, "I find it offensive" they will only speak about what others will be offended by. "For the children!" Meanwhile kids run around naked and joyful because they care not for such uptight adult conceptions of decency.

Of course with traffic accidents being the #1 killer of people under the age of 37 in the U.S. there is a very practical reason to ride naked. Be naked and be seen!

Either way, it is possibly the most liberating experience of your life. So do it!

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