May 8, 2011

Happy Media Day

So nice to start things off right with some upbeat (and accurate even!) writings about Bike Smut.

We hope this article from Zoe Roux will stay online longer than the interview from Romania. We are not sure why that article was removed from the nets but our team is leisurely pursuing the story but we love the artwork and are stoked to see it frequently theived (cause it means others think its pretty fuckin' fly too).

Our favorite part of the interview?
None of the films are available for purchase or on the internet. If you want to see it you have to invite Bike Smut to your city, making the mini-festival a social event usually followed by a party.

According to the website all invitations should include offers of cookies and alcohol, and anyone can submit their own film.

True that! You should expect to see the new trailer for Bike Smut 5: SPEED on this here blog in the next two days!

You have less than one month to create your own fantastic work of bicycle erotica... start today!

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