October 26, 2011

Multi media chopper theft action

Achtung! Chopper news! It has been a whirlwind of controversy and scuttlebutt, as Berlin's greatest Chopper is still missing. Several sightings of it have come out in the past 36 hours. Conflicting reports of a large old stoner looking person as well as a pair of young school-age kids, walking around with it (reasonable, as it is far to large for anyone under 2 meters tall to ride comfortably). Local bike culture is up in arms over the theft, with calls for violent gangs to patrol the streets as well as phycological evaluations for the guilty. Everyone seems to be wondering the same question, "Why?" Sure it is a really smooth ride and it looks fucking cool; yet after a moment of consideration the thief must have realized that s/he could never comfortably ride it in this city. There is just too much likelyhood that he would be destroyed by vigilantes. more details on these local bike blogs: Cycling makes you beautiful bicycle collective Admiral in Kreuzberg

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