October 9, 2011

Trilingual Media Exposure

The Bike Smut Euro Tour has had some shining moments of press glory - from the famous Malmo Media Maelstorm, to the Bucharest review that was mysteriously vanished from the net - but since we started slamming through the final Mediterranean stretch of our tour we have really been kicking it up a notch - a notch three countries big.

Madrid's alternative periodical Diagonal gave what may be the fullest expression yet of bike porn theory and practice ever published in Spanish-language media. The key points of bike porn were all there, from the 'the young androgynous anarcho-punk' Liberty Sprocket proclaiming how "finding your own speech is empowering," to Rev. Phil explaining how to "take control of your life in bed and in the streets," and Poppy Cox reminding us that ultimately, biking "gives you a hard ass."

We don't know what the French said about us. But they did a fine job of capturing our Grenoble show in action and of giving our own Liberty Sprocket a perhaps more suiting and exciting name. This Grenoble video is also notable as an example of what to NEVER EVER do when creating a news report on Bike Smut. There is period of approximately 0.75 seconds in the news clip when the bike porn films are visible. NO. This is not permitted. Ever. We would have had our Bike Smut h4xx0rs put a hit on this video, but we received specific permission from the filmmakers whose video is shown that they were ok with it, so now here it is for us to share and you to learn from.

Milan. Nothing compares to Milan. When we hit GQ Italia before we even reached Italy, we knew that it would be two nights of Bike Smut media different from all other Bike Smut media. We will try to post a full round up of Milan media and interviews with giant penises when we get the chance. In the meantime, just observe:


  1. wow good job bike smut! Pervert Italy
    see you

  2. http://www.milanox.eu/reportage-video-bike-smut-festival-2011/
    this is our video about your show.
    it was a pleasure to see your festival in milan.
    big up


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