October 13, 2011

München mag Ihr Fahrrad

63 bike porn shows. 21 bikesexual countries. Bike Smut is the longest and hardest bike porn in Europe. But all things must come to a climax, and then, a conclusion. So with one last thrust we will explode through the finish line of our personal sex party velodrome that is the continent of Europe.

Our final scheduled show in Europe is tomorrow night in the city of Munich (world famous for having its own municipal Linux distribution). It has taken us five years to make it this far. It will probably be at least another five years before we can return, so here is your last chance, Europeans! Come to Munich for the last Euro Bike Smut hurrah!

Presented by the superb Munich Bike Kitchen at Kafe Marat, Thalkirchnerstrasse 102, Friday, 14 October at 20.00. That's it! Do it now or forever hold your piece!

But wait! Word is coming of maybe one more last minute show in Berlin! This could be huge cargo bike full of hype for nothing. Stay tuned for the thrilling details! But even if we show again in Berlin, come to Munich and act really excited!

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