November 28, 2011

The Great Baltimore Bike-Sexual Weekend

It's queer! It's bike! It's bike-sexuality!
Come experience and support the joy and liberation that sexual and transportation diversity can provide!

Saddle-licking scene from  'Multiple Maniacs'

Bike-sexuality is not something new to Baltimore, MD.  Our bike-sexuality research team found evidence as early as 1970, when Mr. John Waters included a bike-sexual saddle licker in Divine's 'Cavlacade of Perversions' in the film Multiple Manaics.

Fast forwarding to today, Bike Smut is pleased to announce that Baltimore is still a center for bike-sexual activity. Coming this spring, the awesome queers of Baltimore will be opening a women, trans and queer community bike shop. Go go D.I.Y!!

But in order to open this radical space, they need funds. To achieve this, they are throwing a fundraiser on Friday, December 2nd! 

Besides having sweet performances and 'so much fun'. Bike Smut will be helping out the raffle by donating TWO pairs of tickets to our Baltimore show on Saturday, Dec 3rd! Yes, that's right. . . Baltimore gets two days of awesome bike-sexual action!

5th dimension
405 E Franklin
Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm
$5-10 sliding scale

This will be Baltimore's only chance to see our latest program films from all over the world! Bring your bike, bring a friend, and come support your community!

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