November 14, 2011

objectify fluid guys

Last time we checked in with the printing pretty pictures with dates of the week industry we found the hot and not very humid bikers of Bike Saviours in Tempe, AZ posing in a variety of exciting compromising positions.

Now we see that a handful of the sexy biker boys of our very own Portland, Oregon have stepped up to  keep people properly hydrated.

Read all about it:
Water is an $800,000,000,000 industry in this world, but who's getting left out? PedalFresh is a project started in Portland, Oregon. It works by raising funds through creative projects that involve Portland's bike community to build renewably powered water filtration systems for implementation in non-industrialized parts of the world. Decommodifiyng global water systems is of dire importance for community survival around this planet.
Ever since we got around to reading the most influential science fiction novel of all time we have been fascinated with the stuff of our bodies are made of and how we make them more dehydrated. But for anyone not paying attention to the state of commodities markets, oil is over, water is the next big thing. Lets keep it flowing the whole world over.

If you wanna support the impending moistness, by all means buy a calendar and if you are in PDX head down to their opening this wednesday evening!

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