November 18, 2011

College Denies Studs and Students

Last week we learned about how the administration of Warren Wilson College denied their students their rights to expression and assembly by preventing Bike Smut from being displayed in their common space.

Finally the story has broken out in their local media.
 the house was informed that bike porn does not “reflect community standards, and they didn’t want it attached to Warren Wilson’s name.”

So, how strongly do we have to protect people from sex? Is protecting students from the possibile danger of being exposed to a glimpse of something objectionable so important? then, for example other

As one savvy commenter noted:
Wilson just put themselves in the awkward position of endorsing everything else that goes uninterrupted

True dat.

Well, we can always turn back the clock to see what movies were being created when Dean of Students Deb Myers was in College...

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