January 17, 2012

Bike Cinema Pagan Holiday Weekend

No not Barber Santa, Santa Barbara!

The "American Riviera" es muy caliente! This week in bicycle-cinema news it will be host to not just Bike Smut but also our friends at the somewhat straight laced Bicycle Film Festival.

Tre Joy!

Its not very often,  just about once every couple years that this aligning of the cosmos is possible. It never fails to catch us off guard, and we are fortunate that our local hosts were tapped in so that we helped avoid a scheduling conflict (which is never as much fun).

It is strange, but considering that Bike Smut has played 18 of the 26 cities played by the BFF its actually supprising it hasn't happened more often. (note, Liverpool AND Washington DC both suffered massive erection dysfunction and failed to get a screening, alas)

On top of great movies they have some pretty great parties. Check out the full calendar here. They have having events from Thursday to Saturday, we are saving the best for last with a Sunday screening at our friends at Pescadrome

Sunday, Jan 22nd
101 S. Quarantina St.
8pm doors, 9pm show
$7, no one turned away for lack of funds

group ride to event TBA
ANNOUNCED! 6pm at Cranky's 1014 State Street

Dont let Santa appear in any unnecessary places. Keep them Pagan holidays sacred!

photo credits to Dave Barry, and the Emblibrary.

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