January 30, 2012

Reclaming our Davis

After a fantastic screening and dance party with Cyclecide this weekend we are primed for an exciting week of screenings including Oakland, Santa Cruz, maybe Sacramento, and a repeat screening in SF. But first, we lick the youthful, hot pepper infused faces of Davis, CA.

Its been a while since we have played a show in Davis. In our 1st California tour we were scooped up immediately and had a great house show with an insightful forum afterward. Then there was the turmoil resulting from the university deciding that the collectively organized, bike repair space was a safety hazard. No reasoning was provided, the building had not suffered any damage, according to one member, "one morning the administration just decided it didn't like it and now we are kicked out"

Since then they have gathered their forces and have made a comeback! We expect a lively crowd, with fun loving students and bikers gathering to share in the expression of joy! (and no callus injustice)

Here is their facebook event

or fuck it, details are textual!

Davis Bike Smut
Tuesday Jan 31st

1221 1/2 4th Street
9pm, $5 - 10 donation

Oh and what is this? Our own MissPoppyCox is scheduled to be on the Davis radio speaking with the hosts of "Intercourse on Intercourse." Too bad the show isn't in Pennsylvania, or it could be "from Intercourse"

aw, thats a lovely use for a penny farthing. Thanks!

photo credit to clickandclash

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