January 12, 2012

Buns in the Oven

Something is cooking in Los Angles!

Our first two shows were at a new venue (not even our organizer had ever been to) that turned out great! The Home Room has got some great artists supporting it and plenty of kind moxie, which is not too common in LA (so we are told, everyone we meet is pretty nice)

For our encore performance we have decided to see whats hot by asking a cook.

Bike Kitchens have a long history in LA, "The" Bike Kitchen has spawned two offspring upstarts who are also working at bringing the social aspects of cycling into more peoples lives. The most recent the Bikerowave is near the ocean and is pretty slick. Its slightly older sibling hails from East LA, and has a more down and dirty reputation.

For the second time, Bike Smut partners with the Bike Oven!
Saturday Jan 14th
2706 N. Figueroa St
10pm screening, but come to enjoy the Art Ride at 7pm!

Get your Buns Cooking this weekend!


images credit to Alison Galvan and the Lorain Wheelmen
video credit to LA Comedy Shorts

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