March 21, 2012

Quatable Quotient

We get a bit of fan mail now and again, and although we frequently remind them that they can post their thoughts in the comments for all to see (thus actually helping our cause) they are usually shy or lazy or both.

Due to these frequent scenarios we have decided to quote them (when appropriate) and provide this living document to the internets for consideration

 I realy enjoyed what your doing and it changed the way the I think about about porn and sexuality so KEEP IT UP! Dan Morton - Bethlehem, PA

"I like just getting on my bike and riding, I love the adrenaline rush of a long sprint out, or a sharp technical descent. I like the excuse to play in the mud. I like that it's a sport that mates man with machine without the machine doing all the work. I like that it's a
sensible part of the solution to urban transportation."
PJ - Montreal, QB 

It was perfect: Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy straps on dildo. The rest is history. From his hard chest to his hairy legs to his cute angel face, the boy was every girl's dream. I'm not sure everybody in the theater really understood until a little later in the
film that what they figured for a dude had once been a chick and just might consider themselves neither at this point. Talk about a teaching moment."
  Scott Rice  -  Seattle Gay News

"If you cant knock yourself unconscious with no2, i guess you have a problem with consciousness."  Bicycle Jesus - Seattle, WA

 Thanks for the kind and usually relevant words! If you have seen a program and want to share your thoughts you can leave a comment. It does a lot more for us to have your opinions stated publicly than to send us a private email. So what are you afraid of? Will someone find out that you like bikes? sex?

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  1. Receiving such a fan mail should be really interesting and pleasant as for me!


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