March 12, 2012

Media Monday, Remembering Munchen

Fuck me, (not just a happy suggestion anymore) we have been getting lots of great press but we are often less than... uh, motivated to write about people who write about people, who show movies by people who think its great to make movies about bikes and sex. It just feels like too much of an abstraction at some point.

Basically, we normally have to be in the right mood, but like any good porn star we are certain we can fake it and you (our generally mute readers) will have to suffer the consequences. And so we have decided that every Monday (cause ya know, it the start of the getting down to business week) we are gonna put on some soothing music, light a few candles, pour a few bottles of wine and yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP, IM TRYING TO WRITE IN MY FUCKING BIKE BLOG" to anyone who comes to complaining about the working conditions in their noisy, dimly lit, smoky cubicle next to mine.

Behold, The Munich (Munchen) Bike Smut News!

What's that? you dont speak German? Bavarian even?!? Well never fear, from our epic view of the internet we have found a special "website" that takes this devil foreign tongue and chops it into easy to consume bite sized chunks of Engrish.

Behold, Google translate

Careful with all that learning you got gong on.  Next week, (assuming we can keep this weekly column working for more than one week) we return to Milan!

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