July 26, 2012

ArtWank! on the Fringe

ArtWank! exists to educate, entertain and enliven! ArtWank is expressively explicit and extremely expletiveApparently a lot of artful alliteration via ArtWank!

Our friends in the UK are pretty clever and not unlike us are doing amazing things with very little. Give them a little more if you can.
Rejecting body facism, alienation and mass-marketed sexual identity in favour of mass debate, sexuality as FUN and joyful gems of vintage erotica, ArtWank seeks neither to condemn nor condone pornography, but to explore it's purpose and potential publicly.

Sound familiar? It is very like Bike Smut in many ways. But instead of the DIY (make your own porn) approach to creating a better society they have reached into the fabled porno closet of yesteryear to help us understand our shared history with sex. Its stunningly important.

We at Bike Smut are really hopeful that they are able to bring their cabaret to Edinburgh this year, and if you happen to be in Scotland you will discover that joy!

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