July 30, 2012

Media Monday: Getting Our Bone Shaker On

Presenting the finest in printed bikesexual media

We were immediately taken with the folks in Bristol. From organizing a 24 hour mini bike criterium to  throwing down their own mini bike dance performances by Les VeloBici we got nothing but bike love for those talented artists. On the front lines of graphic images, BoneShaker Magazine helped bring all the joy together.

We felt at home basking in the bikepunk joy of having our organizers craft a crazy, adult-themed, mini-bike playground in the venue where we got to share porn and watch a weekend of excellent performances.

Back home on the US West Coast, we were tickled that writer and up–and–coming  bikesexual Rachel Jones got exposed to our our run of shows around LA and was so motivated by our program, "The Orgasm Trail" that she was determined to help share the good news. But we really got excited when we learned that Boneshaker Magazine would be publishing her article in their rather impressive quarterly publication! Plus it doesn't hurt that Ms Jones was able to evoke the ideas and intentions so passionately!!

Enjoy a sample:
The beauty of Bike Smut is that it asks the big questions – the meaning behind words such as sex, intimacy, fetish, perversion – without distancing itself from the answers. It is doubtful that even the raddest Gender and Women's studies professor or queer theorist could so efficiently provoke impassioned dialogues of activism, feminism, and sexual identities.

Bike Smut's mission statement is simple, to the point of elegance: Spreading the call for better sex and better transportation, we endorse joyful exploration, shameless flirtation, and radical honesty.

Without batting a coquettish eyelash, Poppy [Bike Smut's Creative Director] links the value she places in joy and female sexuality to the bicycle. “In 1850 the bicycle was invented, and women and bicycles have been a huge deal since then. Women weren’t allowed to ride bicycles because it supposedly would turn them on. 'Saddle sniffers' was a big thing. The bicycle changed the way women dressed - bloomers were invented for the bicycle, women could wear pants.

Poppy points me to the work of Susan B. Anthony, our lady of the American silver dollar, who said, “I think the bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives a woman a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. The moment she takes her seat she knows she can't get into harm unless she gets off her bicycle, and away she goes, the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood." Paraphrasing Anthony, Poppy embellishes, “Women were able to take control of their transportation. Able to explore larger gene pools. Freedom machines!”

Boneshaker Mag is just that. Printed matter (that actually matters). The media is not available online, so we highly encourage you to subscribe. They have their design on lock-down and there are absolutely NO ADVERTISEMENTS, which for a printed publication is about as rare as Bike Smut.


  1. Faster harder more indeed! Bike Smut rules. Was a rare treat to have you guys in Bristol (come back soon?), and an honour that you graced our pages with your glorious smut.
    Now, where did I leave that lube...?

    1. Hell yes! We got movies from 3 different UK bike pornographers so we must return Great Brittan! Walking into the the Motorcycle Showroom is something Ill never forget.


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