July 25, 2012

Korean Horse Power!

Even though it appears to be moving you and you are encouraged to wear bike shorts and a black and purple phallic saddle appears from your crotch at every thrust like an excited dog penis, this is not a bicycle! It will not transport you to the store, nor let let you hang your beer from its handlebars. In sort it is limited it its awesomeness. However, it is a chance to say things like, "Those crazy Orienters! What will they think of next?" And all sorts of other quasi racist thoughts as we examine the joy of in home equine training, without having to clean the dung off your carpet (unless that is something you're into).

"For those who like to ride horses in front of their TV and in the comfort of their own home."

Could this be another form of subtle encouragement for Bike Smut to travel to East Asia? Or is it just a not so subtle ploy to steal our hard earned home exercise equipment dollars?

Via BuzzFeed who provided the probably somewhat accurate translation.

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