May 31, 2013

Come Find Me - World Premiere!

Soon we will break a mold we have used without failure for seven years. Seven years of only live sharing our of movies. No DVD sales. No online distribution. We didn't even allow ourselves to trust any members of media.

But now something has changed. We have made excellent connections with radical allies that have helped us do this right. We are offing a DVD and folks are taking notice!

Jerome Stuart Nichols' review was dripping with earnest appreciation:
There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who knows what she wants and fucks it. You can tell by the look in Poppy’s eye that she knows what she wants: to fuck Gasper Johnson and cum, a lot.
I always love having sex where laughter’s involved, it means that I’m relaxed. Throughout “Come Find Me" Poppy is running back and forth between excited squeals, guttural moaning and this really fucking adorable giggling.  My favorite scene is the orgasmic face riding scene at the very end. Poppy has a crazy strong orgasm and she’s practically seizing on Gasper’s face, which is completely engulfed in her vulva. The whole time she’s cuming, her face is cycling through this crazed collections of expressions. It’s all very lusty, hedonistic and hard-on inducing. Me gusta. 
Thanks for noticing, Poppy does pride herself on her joy of orgasms. Which she frequently will remind those luck to be around her about.

We were also thrilled that the
Come Find Me, with its darling-dark plotline and focus on female orgasm (not to mention use of tire tubes as BDSM tool) will certainly fan the flames for lovers of hot feminist porno. 
The world premiere is tomorrow. With live performances and rad politics we expect our final event in The Bay to burn the patriarchal pants down!

Come Find Me
Saturday, June 1st
Center for Sex and Culture 
1349 Mission Street
8 - 10 pm,
 Adults only

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