November 4, 2013

Baltimore on the Porny Express

"Get In On It" that's what the slogan of Baltimore was just a couple years back. Like the former mayor we are left wondering the same questions regardless.

"On what? ... In what? Are you coming on to me Baltimore?!?"

"Because I think I am okay with that!" 

I hope you are, but you shouldn't just be faking it. We expect this city to live up to its epic reputation.

If buying a car in Charm City can be this exciting and degrading what can you do for bikes?!?

If you answered, "add porn" then you are on the right path.

Friday, November 8th
The Parlor
800 St. Paul St
$8 suggested donation
Adults Only

BTW we think the current slogan, "Believe, is great although we wonder if they really are willing to test their faith...

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