November 22, 2013

Tennessee on The Porny Express!

A couple years back we got to play Memphis for the first time. And what a time it was!

Lanky, pasty-white, gimp-styled fetisishist being hauled around on a massive flatbed bike trailer sounds system being whipped by various participants was more than we had expected! Shouts of joy and delight rang out again and again, and the show had not yet even started!

We had so much fun in Memphis we vowed to return. We wondered why Nashville was so difficult. Two years later we are coming back to Memphis but we are doing more than that. For the first time ever we are hitting Nashville AND Knoxville!

So without any further postponement here is the current triad of radical Tennessee venues:

Sunday, Nov 24
The Birdhouse - 800 N 4th Ave
8pm, $5-10 no one turned away for lack of funds
adults only
FB invite:

Sunday, Dec 1
Boheme Collectif - 919 gallatin ave
8pm, $5-10 suggested donation
adults only
FB invite:

Friday, Dec 6
Five In One aka VINI - 2435 Broad Ave
9pm, $10
FB invite:
Get advance tickets now!

Who knows maybe another will be added along the way?

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