November 12, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #6 Power Up

Today, a special treat. The creators of of one of Bike Smut's most mind bending films share their thoughts about sex, cycling and politics in film. Usually we have a sort of interview process to get the most from our filmmakers but in this case we are basically forced to reprint their words exactly as we received them. Standby for delightful head scratching fun in 3, 2, 1 

POWER UP – Starlow Prud.

We are ready to meet feminist people around the world. This is why we produce erotic films. The characters in our videos are not only lovers, they are becoming together immediately political.

Mario (human): Horses are extremely rare in my world.

Monix (bike) : Unlike me. I am totally missing in your world.

Banco (ATM) : It is not true, you are the star of Porny Express.

We took 91% of time looking for names, definitions, grammatical rules and its political damage. Monix is not a bike.

Gode : dildo in french. It is a DIY Porn Tool.

DIY Porn Tool : gode, spontaneity, chosen restraints, détournement, bouche à oreille, learning by doing and collaborative process avec les moyens dubord.

Warning ! The limit of this methodology is to be out of the random.

We heard about the Bike Smut open call in a feminist porn festival in France. This news turned us so on, that we began the project as soon as we came back in Geneva. We were so absorbed in our DIY biko-banco-porno production, that we forgot to look for the title of the open call. We discovered the Porny Express topic only when we were working on the postproduction. We are proud to be far away from the reality of things. We are proud to be Starlow.

Thanks for the crazy interview to go along with the crazy film, although this was more of a manifesto, than an interview. But who are we to define any medium? Why try to be so deterministic in our media and the manners by which we engage them? Really, shouldn't we all search for our own "Gode" at our own pace?

Either way we expect more to be encouraged to create and share their own ideas about their bikesexual freedom soon!

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