March 28, 2014

Bikes! Sex! Films… in EUROPE!

The first leg of our 2nd European Tour to Geneve, Lausanne, St-Étienne, Grenoble, and Lyon was fabulous! Five shows in Seven days. All of them at capacity!

We expect future more bikesexual filmmakers from Lyon

One of our most surreal films, "Power Up" played to its hometown in Geneva.

The "Stripped Bike" of Grenoble
A group ride gathers in Lausanne

Poppy Cox stripping down and mounting up

... then was presented with flowers while presenting her flower

Revphil's opening speech features a naked biker bombing the hills of Lausanne

In fact the French/German media outlet, Tracks ARTE, recut our "What is Bike Smut" trailer to make it Safe For Youtube and it got thousands of hits in the first day!

We are now poised to start out on our second leg of this European tour:  Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam (and maybe Zurich if they can find a place for us). We have a big mission ahead of us and we need a lot of help!

Share this Safe For Work video clip and help bring bikesexuality to more deserving people!

Or if you are more daring, check out our account on Queer Porn Tube  (the home of empowered pornography) where you can share the uncut version (NSFW, duh)

Thanks for your help!

Music by Show Me The Pink

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