May 12, 2015

Come Again, Buffalo? Wait a second...

Thursday, May 14
Hot Mama's Canteen
12 Military Rd, Buffalo

Wait... Buffalo? when was the last time were in Buffalo?

Its been like FOUR YEARS!

Last time we were here we blew the doors off. No really, a huge wooden door blew off their hinges. This kinda stuff happens when you pack 50 horny bikers into a small room. Also, our founder had to break out of a nonconsensual full nelson grapple at the conclusion of our last show because one attendee was really REALLY excited. (no really).

We are not complaining. In fact it reminds us of our mantra for 2015

"better problems"

That's the goal for this year. Its something we came up with around the time we had 7 liters of excellent mezcal and only a week to drink it. Whew.

What kind of problems will we have this week? Come on down and find out, then COME AGAIN!

poster art by Delaney Coady

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