May 31, 2015

Come Again, in June!

What a bikefucking delight! Packing in hundreds of queers, bike punks, film geeks, and community activists into a rather cozy warehouse space in Kansas City, Missouri! We wish all of our first shows in a city could have that degree of appreciation from people we have never met before. There was a line of people walking up to us to thank us for making it happen and we were only 30 min into the show!

 We expect to be sharing a lot of great photos from the Critical Mass bike ride, screening, performances and dance party, but first we gotta go get more of that fine KC lifestyle!
We have a hot series of shows coming up soon! Take note and share the bike love with someone today!

 6/6 Memphis:
 6/9 Peoria:
6/12 Chicago:
6/16 Milwaukee:
6/17 Madison:
6/20 Minneapolis:
6/26 Portland:

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