May 1, 2015

Come Again, Burlington!

This is normally where we make a humorous quip about the city or state hosting Bike Smut, usually involving their name, or motto into some sort of play on words.

In the past we've said, VerMOUNT (as in, to see you get on) and I think we also tried a Voldermount joke once, although its hard to out-parody the self-referential internet. Burrrrrlington made more sense when we came through a snow storm 4 years ago.  But none of those are popping and we are only into the freshest recycled humor.

So fuck it, we have a show at Arts Riot, a totally excellent space in Burlington, Vermont and we are stoked about it! Plus we are donating part of the door to Pride VT, who on top of throwing a great festival celebrating the joy of sexuality, also encourage the responsibility of healthy behaviors to keep you safe!

Bike Smut 8: Come Again
Wednesday, May 6
Arts Riot
400 Pine St, Burlington, VT
9pm - $5 advance tickets

hey! don't forget to put on some shoes, those pedals will tear your sensitive feets!

If you are gonna wave your wand around like that it might as well be used to fuck the patriarchy... Like Hermone, "the girl who gave literally zero fucks".

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