August 1, 2016

Bikesexual Boston: The End is Neigh

It is fitting that our final US/Canadian tour begins in the original cultural capitol of the United States. Boston has seen Bike Smut at its dazzling highs and depressing lows.

Along the way we have been blessed to have excellent help. Igniting the bikesexual revolution was a pair of local bicycle-fun activists we had met in Portland, Sara and Jamie.  Jamie would help connect the dots in various cities as she traveled the world; Sara would go on to organize Boston's World Naked Bike Ride and provided much needed comforts that are so rare when on the road.

The gender-queer dynamo, Aliza of Truth provided unparalleled marketing power. We sold out The Brattle Theater on our very first screening! Richard Meek and a photographer Derek Kouyoumjian from The Boston Phoenix promoted and documented the extraordinary presentation of "Bike Smut 3: Cycle Bound" Ending with a live song and dance performance parody of Dirty Dancing's "The BikePorn of My Life" with a 3-person, full-Monty burlesque and stirringly infectious sing along at the end.

Whew. Hard act to follow.

That was 6 years ago, and a lot has changed. Touring with a team of radical queers is both as exhilarating and painful as it sounds. Then we learned our promotional powerhose Aliza had suffered a major accident that would leave her brain hemorrhaging and needing multiple surgeries to save her life. They survived but the damage had been done. The torrent of words that had once flowed from Aliza with such speed and clarity were severely debilitated. Truth Serum and the community of people who depended on it to provide access to quality gender-bending art were in limbo.

After trying for many years to recapture the magic without Aliz'a help Bike Smut had to rebuild.  Rev.Phil decided to bike tour with Bike Smut as a challenge to see if he could "walk the walk." He bike toured across AND around North America, presenting Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express in dozens of cities, riding thousands of miles from Minneapolis to Montreal to Mexico with all the necessary gear that used to fill a van.

Bike Smut found a comfort in more intimate venues. Teaming up with a tall glass of smart water, the typically-Boston-brilliant, bike punk, Q helped us secure and fill an underground venue space. It was packed with our fav kind of audience, curious and vocal perverts! They had excellent questions making an engaging Q and A session followed by a strip down naked-style dance party!  It was supremely rewarding to have some of our favorite organizers and filmmakers at that show, especially because we had worked hard on promoting Bike Smut and we all want it to fulfill that potential promise of being the catalyst for joyous celebration of our liberty and sexuality in motion. It was no small feet for Aliza to get up the 7 flights of stairs nor stick it out to the end as such an engaging show can be overwhelmingly taxing even to healthy grey matter. Brain damage is a real thing and healing from it takes a lot of patient work. We are exceedingly grateful to the community of people who have and continue to support Aliza. Thank you!

Last year we were delighted to find Aliza was starting to organize events again, this time creating space for people to create their own art while challenging taboos at Dr Sketchy's! Sara and Rev.Phil took the opportunity to be models for Dr Sketchy before the screening of Bike Smut 8: Come Again. More exciting performances and a rapt audience. More photos from Aliza.

Which brings us to today. This week we will present Bike Smut 9: Science Friction, our final screening in Boston. We have a series of movies and performances based on the theme including: interracial alien orgies, power-tool wielding lesbians, Mexican post-porn saddle squirting, polybikesexual queer trans babes armed with dildo flamethrowers, hunting for a mate in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and time traveling sex missionaries!

But before that we have a special event where Reverend Phil will make a rare powerpoint presentation called:


Its gonna be amazing!

Both events are hosted at Aeronaut Brewing Company  at 14 Tyler Street Somerville, MA

Wednesday, Aug 3rd
5pm bike workshop with SHIFT bike collective
6:30 Ken Smith of Rejjee explores safe, consensual BDSM with your bike by locking it up in public
7:15pm Bikesexual Revelations
FB event

Sunday, August 7
8:15pm, Adults Only, $9 donation
Live Performances
FB event

Following this event we have screenings in New Haven, Troy, Burlington, White River Junction, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Peoria, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis. Please connect us with other people along the way!

We need help finding people and venues in other New England towns. Help Providence, Northampton and Portland, Maine discover their bikesexuality!

Pics from Bike Smut 3: Cycle Bound by Derek Kouyoumjian, Tom Meek and The Boston Phoenix

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