August 30, 2016

Where Vermont meets New Hamptire

At the junction of the Connecticut River, the Mascoma River and the White River is town called White River Junction. That is the next stop for Bike Smut!

Our last visit to WRJ was 7 years ago! Since we make an original 90-min program each year that's a lot of porn to choose from. What rare gems will we unearth for the unsuspecting denizens of this sleepy berg?

We have some pretty sexy bikes in some very sexy videos... a scant few are from Italy, where they really know a thing or two about bike porn!

There's also a few from the southwest, Beaus and Arrows shows women hunting for their bikesexual partners...

Then from Montreal, we have Brazen Saddles... an all fem bikepunx gang traps a queer bike cop and punish them with handcuffs and bike tube floggers.

or the immensely popular, Derailed, where professional porn star, Sebastian Keys shows Johnny Utah the importance of proper tension in your bike repairs!

Plus we get to make a special performance! We have so many! What a delightful choice to have available!!

Its a great problem to have and as many of you know, we are all about having better problems!

Wednesday August 31
Main St Museum
58 Bridge St. White River Junction
7-8pm presentations and opening
8pm - films
End - performance
We will have a presentation from Dr. Victoria Hartmann, director of the Sex Museum in Las Vegas 

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