September 6, 2016

au revior, Montreal

Montreal, we are ending this Francophilic relationship!

Well, more like we hope all you french-friendly folk will come visit us for a change as this Saturday is the LAST EVER screening in Montreal.

Lets take a moment to think back to some of the highlights of the past several episodes in Quebec.

Fleshback to the first time Bike Smut played in MTL we opened for a play party we a variety of sexual acts happening all over. Dubious that Interstice still exists but it was in Griffintown and it was amazing. Naturally there are not many photos but they did send us this a few days later.

We came back to Montreal to bring Bike Smut 4:PLAY to a place called Death Church in Verdun a year later. It really was an old church that had been refurbished to produce a more METAL experience. Go figure, the capital city of North America has more churches than it knows what to do with. It was a good screening from the crusty punks who had a variety of sex toys made from bike parts. That was our first experience with DIY Montreal poutine: buy a big bag of curds direct from a farm, then get your fries and gravy sourced from the local corner store.

Our break out show in Montreal was Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx. We had a lot of investment and the larger bike community finally got to put the pieces together. This was our first time in Café L'Artère, coopérative de solidarité

The talented performers of Solar Year set the mood before our show started:

Miss Poppy Cox was speaking immensely adorable (and pretty accurate) French to the crowd:


Then the following year our fabulous hosts brought us to a historic strip club, Cafe Cleopatra. The debauchery was on and the dancing was good. This marked the north-easternmost corner of the Porny Express bike tour. Reverend Phil rode through the encroaching winter with the addition of bike tube gaskets, a cheap and easy way to keep the muck out of your bearings. Whew! With as dirty as we get it was a welcome addition.


We returned to Cleopatra for "Come Again" when we showed the full version of Brazen Saddles, one of the most ambitious films produced for Bike Smut. Bringing together the entire community. With lots of exploration and tension, a biker gang being chased by a bike cop laid a trap then they decided to really Fuck the Police... consensually! This was extra meaningful because our event took place over May Day so the revolutionaries were out in the streets.

You can just see the gas canisters being shot at the crowd from the Police in the distance

after the police added gas there was a lot of chaos
which resulted in 1000s of people scattered across the streets

Those amazing handmade vests that were featured in Brazen Saddles (learn more about this fab film here) were created within the Montreal Biker community. We got to see some behind the scenes creations of Oxyd Creations. If you know a badass biker you want to get one of these handmade vests; if you want more pegging start with a harness that looks good and feels good! We wrote about their fresh bikesexual wear last year and we are excited to have them vending with Bike Smut again this year!


Now we go back to Café L'Artère and have a lot of exciting times planned. Stay tuned for more details on presentations, performers, DJs, discounts for entry, and extra fun we are working to having with you!

Saturday, September 10
7000 Avenue du Parc
8pm presentations
9pm cinema
11pm dance

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