September 29, 2016

Bike!Bike! Wants the D

Once considered the city of the future, Detroit has been on a decline almost as long as Buffalo. Now its famous for its decay and rebirth. But what kind of phoenix will rise from the ashes of Motor City? We have seen what extensive highways diving roads does to neighborhoods, what the legacy of Robert Moses means for childhood asthma, what abandoned buildings mean to bikers obsessed with post-apocalypse-themed pornography!
It means doing the hard work of organizing within and between communities. It means going outside your comfort zone today to improve your opportunities tomorrow. It means seeing our vulnerabilities as an opportunity for growth. It means making space for others to grow. It means the future is in our hands.

Don't let your idle hands be the devil's plaything! Unless that is what you are into, but don't expect any pleasureful rubbing in return. Get in there and get your hands dirty in a good way!

This weekend Detroit hosts Bike! Bike! the annual gathering of bike collectives. Folks interested in learning and sharing host workshops and events. Including but not limited to the LAST EVER screening of Bike Smut in Detroit.

Come for the smut, stay for the radical civic betterment.

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction
Saturday, October 1st
4210 Trumbull
7:40 pm
$9 donation
Adults Only

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