September 26, 2016

Rim Job Across The Rust Belt

What's this? So much porn that even we epic bloggers of 10 years cannot keep up? With over a thousand posts, many of them with salient information it was bound to happen sometime. We had a show in Buffalo and we didn't even make a post for it! Wasupwiththat?!?
  We had a full house in Buffalo! Sorry if you didn't hear about it. Thanks to Hot Mommas for  hosting us and all these fab performers. It was a wild night. So much excitement, and also confusion and also delight.

So we have officially started our final tour of the land of steel. This part of the country has seen better days but we love a touch of grey, or in this case, patina, in our rides. So we are delighted to be in the midst of our Rim Job Across The Rust Belt mini tour. Its already started hitting us fast. Saturday night was an epic blur, which probably means it was a success because other than the people who were ejected for yelling racist shit (no doubt, doing their part to Make American Porn Great Again) everyone was beaming massive smiles.

We hope to post some videos soon but for now these glam pics will have to suffice. So exciting to have our our Jetson's-themed Rosie the Sex Robot!

Tuesday we return to Columbus OH, where we have not had a show since early 2008! So we have 8 years of inspiring porn to choose from. What will it be?  
  • consensual non-consent / forced haircuts from Chicago?
  • golden showers and swampy dendrophilia from Gainesville?
  • greasy cock -and-ball torture from Berlin?
  • spaghetti-western anarchists from Montreal?
  • gender queer Mario Brothers from Geneva?
  • hardfem, bicycle-mounted, cavalry-archers hunting to feed their sexual appetites in Phoenix? 
  • a hardcore, ginger-on-ginger bisexual, bikesexual educational film?
Either way, it will be a night to remember, and remember it is for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Tuesday, Sept 27
Columbus, OH

FB Event

Bike Smut: Smut Pedalers Ride
6:30 PM at Goodale Park Shelter House

Ride starts at 7 to get you all geared up for the show
Adult activities along the way

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction

8:30 PM, NoWhere House
1217 N 4th St.
9pm Show begins!
Suggested donation $5
Adult Beverages and snacks available
Screen printing of your items available on site for small donations as well. Bring something sexy!

Cum with the group or on your own. Provocative short films and titillating performances. 

Next stop: Bike!Bike! wants the D

Art and Illustration by Mickey Harmon

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