April 24, 2009

Bike Prom in Victoria

The fun on Vancouver Island is packed tighter than the bearings on a Chris King hub.

Bike Prom is this weekend in Victoria, and our jaunty crew of sexy bikers are about to set sail from our homebase of Portland, Cascadia. Check their website for the formal details.

Events include: alley cat, art show, mystery rides, bike polo turny, prom ride, the Bike Rider's Ball, and finally the "Morning After" a special AM screening of Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation when you least need it. Just to remind you how dirty this glamorous lifestyle is.


  1. Ca me fait penser a ce genre de site


  2. hey Rev Phil.
    Thanks for coming out to Victoria I had a blast hanging out with you guys...I'll try and make it down to Portland sometime this summer and I'll hunt you down. Pics will be sent tonight after the night MTB ride.

  3. shoot me an e-mail at halldor_photo@hotmail.com
    and I'll send those photos to you.


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