April 20, 2009

bromance de paris

Comparison photo time.

Which image, taken after the final shot was scored in the recent Happy Wheels Paris polo tournament, inspires more awkwardness from bored internerds?

A: more touchy-feely?

B: more feely-touchy

C: more fuchy teehee-ly?

D: sweaty petting circle

Maybe it was the lack of massive beards or the air of brutal domination but either way it nearly turned... interesting?

E: the"I'll call you in the post season"

Either way we are excited for the Seattle Superstars who have added a European championship to their impressive stats. Photo credit to Sean for these pictures. Dont forget the next championship you win could have sexy results!

We think we know why these images cause such a stir among the "bike sexual". It's cause you have a dirty mind.

BikeSmut: reclaiming demonstratively sex-positive jock performance since 2007

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