April 22, 2009

reMEMBERing Boise

We came in hot and bothered after mutilating the FoSho's tape deck. Finally we were able to leave Hermiston by letting Justa's Father actually drill screws into the tape that would not eject. He was totally successful and we were were Boise bound. Bike riding in Boise has been at the heart of an ongoing debate in Portland. Idaho Style would effectively change the law so that bikers treat stops signs as yield signs. We see most of the debate centered around a different question: "Do we trust cyclists to not kill themselves?" There is plenty of debate on that question as well of which entirely ignores that this idea is called "Idaho Style" because they have done it this way for almost 30 years to the benefit of bikers (who get to carry some inertia), motorists (who don't have to wait as long for bikers to get though an intersection) and law enforcement types who ideally, don't waste time writing tickets for petty offenses.
Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo. This all is rather moot in most U.S. cities where Police are usually eager to avoid having to write frivolous tickets for petty crimes. But maybe "The City that Works" is trying to do its part to "Keep Portland weird". Somehow we forgot that the Boise Bike Polo players were expecting us. AUGH the misery, it would be days before we could get another polo game on, and weeks before any hardcourt polo action. Some day we will return to their parking lot with an agenda. A slew of players came and watched the show at the bar turned micro-theater. The porno team drank for free which took the sting out of the marginal $65 we made at the door in donations. But a generous venue, and a crowded bar full of drunk fucks makes for a pretty rocking time. Our Boise contacts have been helping bike advocacy for a while, some of them volunteer time at The Boise Bicycle Project while another has gone on to champion the resurgence of sexy among smart people. Horny rimmed glasses and tight hair buns cause lots of us to adjust ourselves so we hope it is going well. Our endless search of the internet found this gem via http://nerdy-porn.com which we hope is the cute girl from Boise's website, but we are a little dubious. Yeah, BSG is no longer cool, but there is a direct correlation between the amount of time one spends in school and the number of sexual partners whose name you cannot remember (or more likely never bothered to learn in the first place). Keep it hot nerds. Presently they are a month away from their big week-long bike festival. er, that should be "The infamous Franken Bike Competition" Well done Boise!


  1. Good video. One thing they could've added was the fact that bikes require much less braking power than a motorized vehicle. For non-cyclists, a bike moving at 15 km/h near a stop sign looks dangerous because they think it won't be able to stop in time. The reality is that bikes can stop much quicker than a car can.

  2. Hey, Phil, good to see you. Nice site. Hope you can make it to San Diego again sometime soon. We had a lot of fun. Loved your movie. Maybe we can bike to Mexico again. I think Michelle is planning on going up to Portland this fall. Take care!!


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