April 23, 2009

Bikexploitation Music

How do you treat your ride?

During our last tour we were inundated with requests. "Please sell me your sheeet!" they would say. Steadfastly and with the restraint of a god-fearing spinster we declined. We have not sold anything but the cinema experience.

Still, as with any respectable pornographer, the audience's pain is our pain. When they were denied sharing such torrid future-classics like "Smut Pedaler" with their loved ones who could not make it to the screening we were also stricken with grief.

Finally, after much deliberation and consternation it was decided that, yes, we could share something.

Behold: "Sounds of Bikexploitation"

This compact disk holds music that our various producers found/stole/created in conjunction with "Bike Porn 2: Bikexploitation". It is excellent and is totally the music needed to get yourself in the mood to do something extracurricular with your bike.

Already the response from our presale have been astounding:
"Some songs are sweet and tender, the kind of music that feels appropriate for giving your bike a bath, other tracks are violent and may encourage you to treat your bike like the dirty slut it is." - Asshly
"You know that feeling when you slide in a CD into your player and it just gets like sucked in? that is what I am feeling right now." - Terry O'Beil

only $10 (shipping and just the right amount of handling is included)

Do not delay! order your audiopornocontent today!

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