May 21, 2009

Chicks and Bikes, sexy yet lame?!?

In a move unbecoming of a sexy blogger the punks at Chicks and Bikes have lifted more content from

We, in an attempt at levity asked to be credited with increasing amounts of disbelief as our fine booty was trotted around the internet for all the world to see.

yet all the pony's men could not get any love.

This breech of trust in internet pornographers should not be troubling. On more than one occasion we have expressed our opinion of the standards pornographers hold themselves to. It could be that this kind of mentality contributes to our stated opinion about how porn sucks, or it could just be a side effect of lazy, annoying people.

It would be cute to think of this content as so cherished, so chaste, that we could become morally outraged at this indignation. In actuality we should expect everything to be stolen and not credited. We should expect ourselves to be irate for 20 min, post some equally annoying content about how its not even a chick in those panties and then wonder about the future of internet bike porn. Could Chicks with Dicks and Bikes be far behind?


Seriously, where's the transvestite bike porn?


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